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The royal Academy of Arts. Top veawThe royal Academy of Arts. Top veaw
Art Academy

Academy of Arts is a creative project of Lomonosov M. V. and Count Shuvalov I. I., with the support of the Empress Elizabet. For this purpose, was chosen graph’s estate in St. Petersburg. Planned study of three arts: painting, sculpture and architecture. The course was designed for nine years and distinguished artists and architects have been invited from France and Germany. Was also organized a system of motivations and pensioner travel (internship) abroad. Public content was scanty, but the huge contribution of the graph’s forces and means, raise the rating of the Academy to the skies. 

Repin instituteRepin institute
I.E. Repin State Academic Art Institute
of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

In 1764-1788, for Academy was built the corps for the present St. Petersburg State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin Ilya, and the Research Museum of Art Academy, archive, library, laboratories and workshops.

During the reign of Empress Catherine II financial position of the school has improved (from 6 to 60 thousand rubles), but a number for administrative reforms, including the replacement of President Shuvalov led to a decline in the development and effectiveness of the educational process. This period lasted a hundred years and only in 1859 was carried out systematic reorganization of the academy and adjacent to her art institute.

But there was the main problem - the classical form of education. The fact is that if a student in the learning process opened a new face talent, that was not related to his chosen first direction in art, he could not change it. This conservatism and lack of foresight has brought a lot of problems. 

Artists, who participated in the "revolt of fourteen", founded Saint Petersburg Artel of ArtistsArtists, who participated in the "revolt of fourteen", founded Saint Petersburg Artel of Artists
Artists, who participated
in the "revolt of fourteen"

There was only one fact of disobedience to the system which was described in the history of the Art Academy as a "revolt of fourteen”, and was vivid proof of inconsistency management with the needs of the time. Since coming to power of the bolsheviks after the October revolution of 1917 Academy collapsed and ceased to function. Is the Academy of arts eminent educational institute or the conveyor of artists? The truth lies somewhere in between.

So the Academy of Arts was the most ambitious and significant event in the russian art history. Special role it played in the development of hand-drawn art, releasing an army of portrait, landscape, marine painters, artists of historical and mythical paintings. Among the graduates of the Art Academy there were several hundred painters, sculptors, architects, interior decorators and designers. Among them are such famous artists as Ilja Repin, Ivan Shishkin, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Karl Brulov, Nikolai Roerich, Valery Yakobi, brothers Vladimir Makovsky and Nikolai Makovsky, Albert Benoit, Vasily Polenov, Mikhail Vrubel and the other not less famous painters.


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